Mr Lee Joy

I am a family man with two boys, one who is in the RAF and one who started at Malmesbury Park in 2017. Professionally, I am a solicitor working for the Ministry of Justice dealing with all aspects of adult crime, youth crime, and family law. I am used to providing leadership and delivering advice and tough messages to all cross sections of the community, from hardened criminals, to professional people, to those for whom English isn't their first language and those with educational or behavioural difficulties. My friends would describe me as energetic, funny, and boundlessly enthusiastic about all I do. I have a particular interest in education and am myself a holder of a Masters Degree in Law. From infant school to university, I have attended 11 different educational institutions, so I would like to think I have seen some of the best and worst education has to offer and would like to be involved in influencing the latter.

Category   of Governor Elected   Parent Governor
Appointed   By Governing   Body
Term of   Office 02/February/2018   – 01/February/2022
Position   and Committee Membership  
Declaration   of Interests / Relationship with Member of School Staff N/A