Welcome to our school – we are the Head Children and Prefects of Malmesbury Park Primary School. We all had to write a formal application for our jobs and were then interviewed by Mrs. Green and Mr. Hall. 

The Head Children meet once a fortnight with Mrs. Green and Mr. Hall to work with them on developing and continuing to improve our school. The Prefects meet with Mr. Hall and the Ht Children on a regular basis.

We have recently been thinking about some key questions with Mrs. Green and Mr. Hall.

Q1 – How would we improve the quality of teaching and learning at Malmesbury Park Primary School

Make greater use of the outdoor facilities both in school and in the local area.
Have more visitors coming in to talk to us about the projects we are working on.
More chances to go outside to learn – use the playground, the gazebo, the woodland and the pond.

Q2 – How would we further improve the already good behaviour of the children?

Teachers to make sure that when someone is told off that they are really clear about what they have done that is wrong.
Put the Ladders of Consequences on display around school then no-one can say they do not know what is expected of them.

Q3 – How can we improve the anti-bullying work we already do?

Get children to have a shared agreement of what bullying is and put it on display around school.
Do even more lessons on anti-bullying especially cyber-bullying as this is a growing concern of children and parents.

Q4 – What do you think would make our school an even better place?

Have ICT Champions to help teachers and children to be able to use all the equipment we do have.
Have even more netbooks, laptops and iPads so that we can all use in the same year group as we want to be independent in our learning.
More lessons on how to use some of the software and Apps that are available.
Make greater use of The Hive for lessons.

This is what we think about our school:

“I think it is really good as we do lots of different lessons and lots of activities such as PE, music and French.” (Jess Ht Girl)

“I think we have a massive collection of children from all around the world. We are great at working collaboratively.” (Zufar Ht Boy)

“I think we have changed over the years and we are now a much better school.” (Alfie Ht Boy)

“I like the school as it is a safe and fun environment.” (Hannah Ht Girl)

“We think you should send your child to our school – it’s brilliant.” (Ht children and Prefects)