Sessions and Costs

We are able to offer the following sessions, subject to availability:

  • Mornings 8.45-11.45 (3 hours)
  • Afternoons 12.15-15.15 (3 hours)
  • All day 8.45-15.15 (6.5 hours)

15 hour funding

All children are entitled to 15 hours of funding the term after they turn 3.

You must complete the Early Education funding form.

30 hour funding

If you believe you are entitled to 30 hours free childcare, please apply through HMRC:

You must also complete the Early Education Funding form and include your eligibility code and national insurance No.

  • Please note it is advised you apply for the 30 hour code at least one month before your child is due to start nursery. Term start dates for funding are 1st September, 1st January and 1st April. If you do not apply for the code before the start of term you will be unable to use it until the following term.
  • Please note that you must log onto the gov site to re-confirm your eligiability every 3 months in order to keep you code valid.

Moving settings

If your child is already attending a preschool/nursery setting elsewhere, it is a requirement you provide 4 weeks notice to that seeting prior to your child leaving. If you don’t then your funding with us could be affected and you pay have to pay a charge.

Cost of sessions

If you wish your child to attend additional sessions over and above your funding entitlement, morning or afternoon sessions can be purchased as follows:

  • Morning session 8.45-11.45 £15 per session
  • Afternoon session 12.15-15.15 £15 per session
  • Lunchtime for those who are in all day 11.45-12.15 £3 per lunchtime (please note this does not include lunch)
  • Hot lunch £2.50 please order from the main office