Standards Achieved

Attainment and progress 2023:

Good Level of Development:

Early Years Foundation Stage Good Level of Development National 2023
2023 64% 67.3%
  C&L PD PSED Lit Maths
Cohort 83.3% 85.6% 88.9% 67.8% 86.7%
Year 1 School 74.7% National 2023 78.9%
Y2 – Rechecks School 90.3% National 2023 88.6%

End of Key Stage 1 Assessments

  Year 2 Expected Greater Depth
Reading School 67% 23%
  National 2023 68% 18.8%
Writing School 55.3% 5%
  National 2023 60% 8.2%
Maths School 60.6% 15%
  National 2023 70% 16.3%

The Key Stage 1 data covers the attainment of Year 1 and Year 2 pupils who took these assessments in summer 2023. Year 2 pupils experienced disruption to their learning during the pandemic. On-site attendance was limited to children of key workers and vulnerable children in January and February of their first year of school, with attendance mandatory except for self-isolating pupils for the remainder of the year.

Y4 Multiplication Check

Y4 Multiplication Check Scored 20 or more out of 25 Scored 25 out of 25 National 2023
2023 36.7% 9.2% 27%

End of Key Stage 2 Assessments (all pupils)

  Year 6 Expected (scaled score 100+) Greater Depth
Reading Test School 69% 27%
  National 2023 73%  29%
Writing – Teacher Assessment School 74% 18.5%
  National 2023 71%  13.3%
Maths Test School 74% 28.3%
  National 2023 73% 23.8%
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test School 72.8% 21.7%
  National 2023 72.3%  30.1%

Combined Reading, Writing and Maths at expected 59% compared to national of 59%

Combined Reading, Writing and Maths at higher standard 12% compared to national of 8%


The progress measures, are a type of value added measure, which means that pupils’ results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils nationally with similar prior attainment.

This type of progress measure rewards schools for making progress with all of their pupils, whether they are low, middle or high attainers. Any increase in attainment achieved by each pupil will be reflected in the school’s progress scores. They are fairer to schools in challenging circumstances, as they recognise a school that is doing a good job with an intake with poor prior attainment.

  • A score of 0 means pupils in this school on average do about as well at KS2 as those with similar prior attainment nationally.
  • A positive score means pupils in this school on average do better at KS2 as those with similar prior attainment nationally.
  • A negative score means pupils in this school on average do worse at KS2 as those with similar prior attainment nationally.

As can be seen in the table below we have achieved a positive score in writing and maths meaning that children do well here at Malmesbury Park. We believe this is as a direct result of our curriculum work where we have ensured that everything the children do is relevant, meaningful and purposeful. Our maths progress score has shown a significant improvement on last year and is now broadly average. We need to continue working on our reading although there was a significant improvement from last academic year.

Subject Progress Measure (2023)
Reading -0.6
Writing +1.43
Maths +0.14

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