Physical Education

Malmesbury Park's PE Vision

At Malmesbury Park School we strive to develop excellence in sport and Physical Education through promoting healthy and active lifestyles. We will achieve this through teaching new skills and providing our children with opportunities to apply their skills to new, challenging and enjoyable situations. We aim to ensure that this results in lifelong learning and active participation. Through the consistent application of our ethos values we will develop sportsmanship, friendship, leadership and a determination to achieve success in physical activities and sport.

School Sport Premium Report Final 2017-2018


Swimming is the only sport to be included within the national curriculum PE programme of study. All primary schools must provide swimming and water safety lessons in either Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2. Swimming at Malmesbury Park is very important to us and all children in Y4 go swimming at a local leisure centre weekly for a term.

As with every subject in school, we start with a range of swimming abilities and devise our programme to meet these needs:

Beginners – build water confidence and buoyancy followed by the introduction of different strokes.

Intermediate – introduce different strokes and the techniques that they need to complete 25m.

Developing – work on their technique, stamina and speed to be more efficient in the pool.

Outcomes for 2018 – 2019

These outcomes are required for children in Y6:

  1. Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres – 75%
  2.      Use a range of stokes effectively – 65%
  3. Performance safe self-rescue in different water-based situations – 49%


Sports Afternoons

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PE Lessons

At Malmesbury Park the children love PE and learning new skills as well as the opportunities they have had through coaches who have been supporting teachers improve their knowledge and understanding of how to teach the progression of skills.

Change 4 Life
Over the holidays we hope you stay active. Below is an excellent resource for you to give you some ideas of games to play with your children. There are even some video clips for your children to watch to help them wth the games. Please feel free to sign up to a FREE pack which includes activity cards and a stopwatch!

The Change 4 Life website also has many other ideas for you and your children to stay healthy through sport and food. Please feel free to have a look.