At Malmesbury Park Primary School we aim to develop excellence in mathematics.  We achieve this through a well-planned and delivered curriculum.  The teaching and learning of mathematics at Malmesbury Park Primary School is creative, practical and engaging so that children not only develop broad and transferable skills, but also a love of the subject.  The children are given numerous opportunities to apply their skills ain real life and challenging situations as part of both the mathematics and Integrated Curriculum.

EYFS and year 1 through to year 4 follow the Maths Mastery Programme.  Maths Mastery is a detailed programme which builds firm foundations in mathematical knowledge and understanding.  It is focussed on key skills, ensuring these are secure before moving on to new concepts.  The children are involved in a highly structured lesson each day.  Every lesson includes Talk Time, where children practise and rehearse mathematical explanations using correct vocabulary, Do Now activities which are highly practical and engage children in securing their knowledge and understanding as well as Independent and Collaborative activities.  Alongside the daily maths lesson, a Maths Meeting is held each day.  This again, is highly structured and follows a similar pattern each day.  However, it is faster paced and focussed on rehearsing a range of facts, including days of the week, months of the year and times tables.

In year 5 and 6 we follow the Busy Ants scheme of work developed and adapted to suit the needs of our children.  The units offer a range of activities which provide support, challenge and enrichment, ensuring progress for all learners.  Maths activities involve children in practical tasks, investigations and independent and collaborative activities, designed to develop their understanding and enable them to explain their thinking clearly.

Please look at the Year Group Curriculum for each year group to find out what your children will be covering in maths across the year. You may also find it useful to look at the NC Overviews as these highlight the objectives every child is expected to achieve by the end of the academic year in each year group.

Click below for the current maths curriculum for Malmesbury Park Primary School.

Maths curriculum Y1 maths mastery                     Y1 National curriculum overview

Maths curriculum Y2 maths mastery                     Y2 National curriculum overview

Maths curriculum Y3 maths mastery                     Y3 National curriculum overview

Maths curriculum Y4                                            Y4 National curriculum overview

Maths curriculum Y5                                            Y5 National curriculum overview

Maths curriculum Y6                                            Y6 National curriculum overview


Try this fun, challenging program Times Tables Rockstars


Maths Videos

We have produced these very useful homework help videos to support your children in their home learning.  Please watch these videos for reminders on the maths methods we teach at Malmesbury Park Primary School:

Column Addition Homework Help Video

Subtraction Homework Help Video

Multiplication Homework Help Video

Division Homework Help Video