Coronavirus updates for parents, carers, pupils and staff

Operational Management for Acadamies April 2021

Single Case Letter - 13th January 2021

Single Case Letter - 11th January 2021

Remote Education Information for Parents

Letter to Ladybirds, Cambridge, UCL, York, Manchester and Bristol Only - 4th January 2021

COVID-19 Tier 4 Poster - 31st December 2020

Letter to children in FS2 Reception - 14th November 2020

Letter to all school - Single Case - 14th November 2020

Two Case Letter - 6th November 2020

Letter to Parents 5th November 2020

Leaflet for Parents of young people who are self-isolating

Covering Letter to Parents and Carers for children self-isolating

Leaflet for children self-isolating

Covering Letter to young people who are having to self-isolate

Leaflet for young people who are self-isolating

COVID-19 Surveillance in KIDs Information

Please read the information regarding the study in the document above carefully. We are one of 100 schools taking part across the country. Consenting children will be tested weekly in school on Wednesdays starting 17th June. It is a simple nasal swab and is totally non-intrusive. Please complete the consent form your child(ren) bring home and return them to school if you are happy for your child to take part.

Advice to All Parents - Single Case Letter - 22nd October 2020

 Advice to All Parents - Single Case Letter - 20th October 2020

COVID-19 - CEO Letter to Parents and Carers - 24 September 2020

COVID-19 Absence guidance

RSAT over subscription criteria for places from June 2020

Our classrooms are ready

Estate Management for Academies commencing operation beyond providers of EduCare

Coronavirus - support for parents and carers to keep children safe online 

Letter from CEO to parents 26th March 2020

Looking after Families in BCP Resource Pack

DECP 2020 UK schools closures - support and advice

Exceptional Circumstance Briefing 18 March 2020

CEO Letter to all employees 18 March 2020

Exceptional Circumstances Briefing 17 March 2020

Director of the Learning Environment Update 13 march 2020

CEO Letter to all employees 12 March 2020


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Supporting your child with additional needs during COVID19

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BCP Council: family information and updates (Coronavirus)