Strategic Leadership Team of Malmesbury Park Primary School


The Strategic Leadership Team is made up of the following people:

ü  Headteacher – Mrs. Jackie Green

ü  Head of School – Mrs. Nic Smith

ü  Assistant Headteacher – Mr. Mike Hall

We have a core set of values which underpin our work as a team.

Collaboration: We recognise and value the skills of individuals. We unite in our goal to achieve excellence.

Courage: We will take informed risks in order to raise standards throughout the school. We are determined to follow our beliefs in order to achieve our goals and shared vision.

Accountability: We will take responsibility for our individual and corporate decisions ensuring appropriate actions are identified and undertaken.

Empowerment: We are a strategic team with high aspirations. We have the freedom to develop creativity and innovation, encouraging our community to be part of a passionate, challenging and stimulating learning environment.

Integrity: We take responsibility for making ethical and/or moral choices even in the face of complex situations.


Key Purposes:

1.Be responsible and accountable for the standards and quality within the school.


  • All staff being aware of the part they play in raising standards.
  • All children achieving at least good progress.
  • Sharing high expectations of positive behaviour throughout the school.
  • Providing high quality professional development to ensure teaching is excellent.


2.We share responsibility for the leadership of the school.


  • Understanding that the responsibility rests ultimately with the Headteacher.
  • Having corporate responsibility.
  • Playing an active role in the leadership of the school.
  • Supporting each other.


3.Always put the needs of the children at the centre of what we do.


  • Providing equality of opportunity for all children to a rich, inspiring and engaging curriculum.
  • Ensuring that our safeguarding systems are rigorous and current.
  • Providing pupils with a range of experiences in order to develop life skills for the future.
  • Building positive relationships in order to listen and respond to pupil voice.


4.To lead by example in all aspects of school life.


  • Promoting a healthy work/life balance.
  • Promoting efficient time management skills.
  • Promoting, living and exemplifying our ethos values.
  • To be role models of life-long learning.
  • Having a culture of high expectations for all.


5.Provide the strategic direction for the school.


  • Maintaining a strategic overview
  • Responding to local and national initiatives when appropriate for our children.
  • Writing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the strategic plan.


6.Recognise our commitment to stakeholders and school partners.


  • Promoting partnerships with parents.
  • Seeking opinions and giving them due regard.
  • Participating in the life of the local community.
  • Celebrating the diversity of our community.
  • Forging effective partnerships at key transition points.


7.To develop and maintain effective communications.


  • Ensuring there are opportunities for stakeholders to share information.
  • Informing and providing training, supported with documentation.
  • Sharing key messages and reinforcing expectations.
  • Providing system which enable stakeholders to be held to account.