Ms Jade Cahill

Category of Governor                                            Parent Governor
Appointed by                                                         Parents
Term of Office                                                     From 22.5.23 - 22.5.27
Position & Committee Membership                        Early Years/Safeguarding
Declaration of Interests/                                     
Relationship with member                                     
of School  Staff 

Mr Efe Ohwofasa

 I currently have two children in the school, the third has graduated and gone to secondary school. I wanted to become a governor to be part of my children’s education and help the school to continue to develop and improve. Being a governor is an opportunity to make a difference in my community and support the school with all the skill set and experience I have gained over the years as a business leader, professional life coach, motivational speaker, mentor, and new skills and knowledge along the way will help me contribute towards the growth of the school and positively impact and enrich the lives of the school children.
Category of Governor Elected Parent Governor
Appointed By Governing Body
Term of Office 10.07.2019 - 10.07.2023
Position and Committee Membership  
Declaration of Interests / Relationship with Member of School Staff None