If you have any concerns about the welfare of our children please speak to our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL):

Mrs. Smith

Or any of our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads:

Mrs. Green

Mrs. Purse

Mr. Hall

Mrs. Phelps

Mrs. Ruth

Or call MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) on: 01202 735046 (out of Hours: 01202 738256)

Safeguarding at Malmesbury Park

The Governors recognise that children have a fundamental right to be protected from harm or exploitation and that pupils cannot learn effectively unless they feel secure. The Governors will, therefore, provide a school environment which promotes self-confidence, a feeling of worth and the knowledge that pupil’s concerns will be listened to and acted upon.

Governors, staff and volunteers in this school understand the importance of working in partnership with children, their parents/ carers and other agencies in order to promote children’s welfare.

The Governors will also ensure that the school carries out its statutory duties to report suspected Child Abuse to the Children’s Services Directorate (Social Care) and to assist that Directorate acting on behalf of children in need or enquiring into allegations of child abuse. Schools recognise the contribution they can make to protect and support pupils in their care.

The Local Authority is committed to ensuring that best practice is adopted when working with all children and young people, offering them support and protection and accepts that it has a legal and moral responsibility to implement procedures, to provide a duty of care for young people, to safeguard their well-being and to protect them from abuse.

DfE Sexual abuse in schools review


The Government have recently launched a helpline for those affected by sexual harassment and abuse in education settings. Please find below the link to the latest review into sexual abuse in schools. 

A dedicated NSPCC helpline - 0800 136 663 - is available to both children and adults who are victims of sexual abuse in schools with the appropriate support and advice. This includes how to contact the police and report crimes. The helpline will also provide support to parents and professionals. 

School Policies and Information 

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy November 2023

Sexually Harmful and Problematic Behaviour Policy - September 2021

Safeguarding - Flow Chart Low Level Concerns - September 2021

Low Level Concerns Policy V1 - September 2021

Allegations Against Staff Policy September 2021

Safeguarding encompass statement March 2021

Child Protection Summary for Temporary Staff and Volunteers

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022

Separated Parents Policy November 2019

E-Safety Policy July 2020

Anti-Bullying Policy March 2019

Whistle Blowing Policy April 2019

What is the Prevent strategy

Home Tutor Leaflet

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are or have been intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. This can encompass, but is not limited to, Psychological, Physical, Sexual, Financial and Emotional abuse.

Research indicates that living within a home where domestic abuse takes place is harmful to children and can have a serious impact on their behaviour, wellbeing and understanding of what constitutes a normal relationship. Children witnessing domestic abuse is recognised as ‘significant harm’ in law. These children may become aggressive; display anti-social behaviours; suffer from depression or anxiety; or fail to reach their educational potential.

At Malmesbury Park we recognise that pupils who are the subjects of abuse, neglect or who live in situations of domestic abuse may exhibit distressed or challenging behaviour and may not be reaching their full academic potential. We will therefore endeavour to make sure that appropriate support mechanisms are in place in school.

This school receives information from the police to alert the Designated Safeguarding Lead in the school when there has been an incident of domestic abuse in a household where a pupil lives. We are not informed of the detail of the incident, only that one has occurred. This allows us to monitor and support the pupil. If we have additional concerns, we will discuss the need for further safeguarding actions with Social Care or the police. This information would only be shared with other staff on a restricted need to know basis i.e. those who are immediately responsible for the pupil’s welfare such as the class teacher. Where a Multi-agency risk assessment conference (MARAC) occurs the school may be asked for information and appropriate school related information may be shared with the school after the meeting.

If you need help you can contact:

  • National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) 0800 970 2070
  • The National 24 Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247

Or for local support and advice, access the link below:

Domestic Abuse COVID 19

Anti-bullying links

We are working with the Diana Award and have appointed our Diana Award Ambassadors who are working hard in school to get the message out that bullying is not acceptable.

For advice/support about bullying and cyberbulling, follow any of the links below:

The Anti-Bullying Network


The Anti-Bullying Alliance

Online Safety

For advice, support and suggestions about all aspects of on-line safety, you can find a parents guide by following the link below:

Gaming and Apps advice for parents

In - game chat: A guide for parents and carers

You can find guides to talking to your child about on-line safety, the apps and social media sites they are using as well as guides to the most played games!  The web page is updated each Wednesday with a new guide.


On-line Safety Information and Guides

Wave 9 - IT Security - Social Media

Wave 9 - IT Security - The Password Red Carpet

Wave 9 - IT Security - Phishing Don't Get Reeled In

On-line safety- Information for parents and carers

Talking to your child about on-line safety

On-line gaming and your child

10 On-line safety tips




Loot boxes skin betting

Screen time





Coronavirus - support for parents and carers to keep children safe online


E-Safety Links

We hope the links below cover all the information you are looking for.

For other useful E-safety links and tips, access the E-Safety page of our website.

Other helpful Safeguarding Information

Follow the links below to find out further information about a range of safeguaring issues and topics.

Child and Sexual Exploitation Information

Child and Sexual Exploitation Leaflet

Female Genital Mutilation - The Facts

Honour based Violence - Information leaflet

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