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Vision for Riggs Centre

We are a resourced provision within Malmesbury Park Primary School for children with social communication difficulties. All children have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) with autism as a primary need.   We believe all children are individuals and have their own unique role to play in our rich, diverse and inclusive school community. We encourage children to recognize their strengths and develop personal strategies to enable them to approach challenge with confidence. We strive to ensure that through careful and targeted support children will be able to access both academic and social opportunities with increasing independence. We will offer a safe and nurturing environment in which children can take ‘risks’ and practise skills in readiness for engagement in the wider social community.

Key Purposes:

Be responsible and accountable for the standards and quality within the Riggs Unit.

Through ensuring:-

  • All staff are aware of the challenges children with social communication difficulties have with regard to accessing the curriculum.
  • Riggs children are achieving at least good progress in social communication and language skills.
  • Riggs children are able to access a rich and relevant curriculum through skilled, considered support and differentiation.
  • Careful modeling of expected behavior, developing strategies to deal with areas of challenge in a social setting.

We share responsibility for the leadership of the Riggs Unit


  • Understanding that the responsibility rests ultimately with the Headteacher.
  • Having corporate responsibility.
  • Playing an active role in the leadership of the Riggs Unit.
  • Supporting each other.

Always put the needs of the child at the centre of what we do:


  • Good liaison with parents and other professionals to ensure the child is seen as a whole, recognizing their strengths as well as weaknesses.
  • Careful assessment and tracking developing individualized programmes to allow each child to focus on areas of difficulty.
  • Helping children to develop personal strategies to deal

with areas of challenge.

  • Providing opportunities for children to practise new skills in a safe, non-threatening environment.

To lead by example in all aspects of school life:


  • Helping to develop whole school strategies such as use of ‘In Print’ programme to support differentiation.
  • Sharing skills expertise with colleagues in a variety of settings—informal chats, consultations, development of resources, shared planning, differentiation to support learning in class.
  • Modelling of strategies to support children with social communication difficulties or challenging behavior.
  • Ensuring progress is achieved through good assessment, tracking and support through targeted intervention programmes.

Support the strategic direction for the Riggs Unit


  • Writing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the action plan.

Recognise our commitment to stakeholders and school partners


  • Promoting partnerships with parents.
  • Seeking their opinions and giving them due regard.
  • Participating in the life of the local community.
  • Celebrating the diversity of our community.
  • Forging effective partnerships at key transition points.

To develop and maintain effective communication


  • Ensuring there is a consistent approach for all stakeholders to share information.
  • Informing and providing training, supported with documentation.
  • Sharing key messages and reinforcing expectations.
  • Providing systems which enable stakeholders to be held to account.