Reception Intake 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to Malmesbury Park Primary School in September 2021!

We will keep you updated with plans on this page, and by post where appropriate.  If you click on the link below this will give you information on the School.  We will keep updating it with useful information.  We will also be sending out packs containing information on which class your child is in and when they will be starting with us.

Click this link for our induction presentation.


Term Dates

The term dates for the next academic year are available here


It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform, and a list of required items can be found here. School sweatshirts, ties, book bags and PE bags can be purchased through either of our two uniform providers: Direct4logos (01794 511550) or Stevensons (01202 425192).

Hot Lunches & Free School Meals

All hot lunches should be ordered via Wisepay and require a full week's notice. To access the login page, please click on the Wisepay logo on the front page of the school's website.

A login for this will be sent to you when your child starts school, however this cannot be produced until a few days after your child actually starts with us. We therefore ask that you provide your child with packed lunches for the first few weeks or complete the manual order form which will be sent home as part of the welcome packs shortly.

Free school meals are available as part of the Universal Free School Meals Scheme (UFSM). Parents who are in receipt of certain benefits are also entitled to claim a free school meal for their child. In addition, any parent who registers and is confirmed eligible will be entitled to apply for a uniform voucher, and reduced charges on residential visits. We as a school will also receive additional funding for every child who is confirmed eligible. This can make a real difference to our budgets, meaning it is very important that you sign up for free meals, even if your child is in Reception.

You can apply for Free School Meals on the council website.

School Milk

All children are entitled to receive free school milk up until their 5th birthday. When your child turns 5, they are no longer entitled to receive free milk at school at a subsidised cost of just 22p per day. To register your child for either free or paid milk, visit CoolMilk and follow the on-screen instructions to register and make your payment if applicable.

Should you have any queries regarding your child's registration or milk supply in general, please do not hesitate to contact CoolMilk directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3:15 After School Club and Breakfast Club

We offer breakfast club and after school club for children from FS2 Reception to Year 6.

The cost for each breakfast club session is currently £2.75. Sessions must be pre-booked at least 12 hours in advance with fees paid at the time of booking using the Wisepay link. Breakfast club opens at 7:45am each morning.

The cost for each 3:15 after school club session is currently £7. Again, sessions must be pre-booked at least 12 hours in advance with fees paid at the time of booking using the Wisepay link. 3:15 club starts straight after school, and finishes at 5:45pm. A member of staff will collect your child from their classroom and take them to 3:15 club. Older children are allowed to make their own way there. A variety of activities are offered, and a snack is offered to all children. To access 3:15 club, a separate registration form is required. This is available from the school office.

Spaces on both of these clubs are limited, so we advise pre-booking as early as possible each time. We regret we are unable to accept on the day bookings for these clubs.

ELF Room

ELF stands for Emotional Literacy and Feelings. The rooms aims to provide a welcoming and safe environment where we can encourage children to develop their understanding, recognition and management of their own emotions, as well as learning how to empathise with others.

School Nursing

School Nurse Presentation

The school nursing team would usually join us for our parent induction meeting in June. Above is the slideshow they would present, full of useful information about how they will support you and your child through their first year at school.