Governors regularly come into the school to meet with children and staff, observe how the school runs and ask questions that will help them understand where improvements are needed and where good work is taking place. This can lead to new developments such as those described in the case study below.

Case Study:

In her capacity as Link Governor for bi-lingual children, Dr Vicky Lewis met during 2013 with a number of children - across all years - who speak languages other than English at home. The children were generally extremely happy with the warm welcome and level of support they were given by the school. However, when asked what would make things even better, they said it would be helpful to have a dedicated teacher when they first start: someone who could work with them to improve their English language skills so that they can properly access the learning in their regular class. As a result of this feedback, the role of New Entrant Teacher was created with effect from January 2014. The New Entrant Teacher works with children who arrive at the school after the main school year has started, many of whom do not speak English at home. Intensive language and other support is given to the child - working with parents - to ensure that they can integrate with their main class group as quickly as possible. Feedback from the children, their parents and class teachers has been very positive. This is one example of how Governor monitoring of the school can bring about positive change - and it's great to think that this suggestion came from the pupils themselves.