Did you know that there are around 350,000 school governors in England, making it one of the largest volunteer forces in the country? While the Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation and management of the school, governors provide strategic leadership and accountability.

Individual governors work together as a team known as ‘the Governing Body’, whose main aim is to maintain and improve the standards of achievement in the school. Governors provide both support and challenge to the school’s senior leadership team.

Now that Malmesbury Park has become an academy and (alongside Hill View Primary School) a founding member of the Bournemouth Primary Multi-Academy Trust (BPMAT), certain responsibilities sit with the BPMAT Board of Trustees (which includes a representative of each school’s governing body). However, the local (i.e. school-level) governing body maintains its close, direct relationship with the school.

Governors produce an annual newsletter to parents at the beginning of the new school year. This highlights school achievements over the previous year and areas of focus for the coming year.

The full governing body normally meets seven times a year. There are two smaller committees which focus on the school’s curriculum and standards and on its finances and other resources. Individual governors also take on specific roles. For example, there is a governor to oversee safeguarding processes, a governor to oversee provision for bi-lingual children, and a governor to monitor different strategic objectives such as ‘raising attainment in Maths’ or ‘developing innovative and exemplary teaching’.

Governor newsletter 2017

Formal responsibilities of the governing body