The School Council is run by Miss Pipe and Miss McFarland. It has 2 representatives from every year group. We meet every other Monday in 3CM.

The key purposes of the School Council are:

To listen to the children’s ideas
To seek the view of the pupils
To improve the school and make it the best it can be
To work alongside the senior leadership team to help to improve our school

We do this by:

Working together collaboratively
Encouraging people to talk to us
Meeting every fortnight to discuss ideas and projects we are working on
Feeding back to our classes in our year base assemblies

We want to give to give all children the chance to make decisions about what happens at Malmesbury Park and help make it even better than it already is! Some of the achievements of last years School Council included fundraising for local charity 'Woofability'. It was great to meet some of the dogs that are trained to help people in their homes.

This year we have chosen to support 'The British Heart Foundation'. We are busy making preparitions for a mini marathon that we will hold in the summer term to help raise money. All pupils and staff will be invited to take part. Watch this space for more information.

You can find out more about The British Heart Foundation and the work they do at: