Performance Headlines and Ongoing Improvement

As you can see from our headline data we are continuing to improve across the school.

At EYFS (end of YR) we continue to perform at a higher level than the national average and schools that are similar to us.

Our phonics in Year 1 is broadly in line with the national average phonics in Year 2 is well above.

Our KS1 results are the highest for the last five years. We are above the national average and other similar schools in reading, writing and maths.

Our KS2 results have improved in reading, writing and maths. We are closing the gap on the national average. Our combined outcome for reading, writing and maths (RWM) in 2014 was 68.5% of pupils at L4. An improvement of 13.2% on the previous year. We are in the process of having our data validated which means our combined outcome for reading, writing and maths will go to 70%

What improvements are we currently working on?

We have introduced an additional teacher in every year group so that the children have even more access to high quality teaching
We have introduced quality marking across KS2 so children know exactly what they need to do to improve
The introduction of both the text-based curriculum and the new national curriculum are providing the children with high quality learning objectives and stimulating learning opportunities

Closing the gap

We are continuing to focus on closing the gap between our disadvantaged pupils and our “other” pupils. We are able to show what the additional teachers in each year group are raising the attainment and rate of progress for our more vulnerable pupils.
The introduction of Reading Recovery Teacher in Year 1

Ensure that all children achieve at least national expectations of progress in KS2, especially in reading and maths

Introduction of the text-based curriculum, reading champions and accelerate reading computer programme

How will we know that we are continuing to improve?

We know through monitoring lessons by the strategic Leadership Team: (Mrs. Green [HT] Mrs. Saxby [DH] Mr. Hickman [Leader for Achievement KS2]Mrs. Osborne [leader for Achievement KS1] Ms Brooks [SENCO]) that the quality of teaching is now at least good across the school. We hold lots of data on how the children are doing and our analysis of this shows that we will go above the national expectations in Early Years, Y1 and Y2 Phonics, KS1 results and KS2 results. The analysis shows that we will continue to sustain this in the future.


EYFS Results


Phonics Results (Year 1 & 2)


KS1 Results


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