SEN at Malmesbury Park

Malmesbury Park is proud to be a very inclusive school. We strive to ensure that every child's needs are known individually and catered for.  
For children with special educational needs and/or disabilities, we believe that early intervention is key to ensure that ‘closing the gap’ strategies are employed to allow children to catch up with their peer group.
We enjoy working closely with parents and carers and access a wide range of outside agencies to enable all staff to make the best possible provision.
We are privileged to have 2 Local Authority based provisions here at Malmesbury Park. There is the RIGGs Unit for children with Social Communication and Speech and language difficulties, including Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as Small Talk which is a Speech and Language provision for pre-school aged children. Both of these provisions are funded by the local authority and children are placed by the SEN team at the town hall.
We also have our LEAPS class. LEAPs is a small class of up to 12 children who find the whole class setting difficult to focus in. This can be due to learning difficulties, emotional regulations, needing more attention than other children or many other reasons.  Due to this the child can become disruptive making it more difficult for the teacher to teach the rest of the class and the children to learn. 
If you have any questions about Special Educational Needs at our school, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

SEN Information Report 2017-18

Bournemouth local offer for children with an SEN

Inclusion at Malmesbury Park

New Opportunities Day

On Thursday 21st May, some children at Malmesbury Park were selected to go to Victoria Sports College to spend the whole day trying sports such as Table Tennis, Boccia, Cricket, Athletics and Football. We had an amazing time learning new skills with children from other local schools. Some of the parents even joined in with the activities! Please enjoy pictures from our day.

Disability Cricket