Secondary School Transfer Information

If your child is going to secondary school in September 2018, please read the attached document.

Key Points:

You must submit your application by 31/10/17, otherwise you will not be offered a school place.
We strongly suggest you list 3 schools. Put them in the order you want - your favourite should be your first preference.
Make sure you use your correct address. Use of fraudulent addresses will be dealt with seriously.
You will not be offered more than one school.
If you are not offered one of your choices, you will be redirected to the closest school to you that is able to offer a place.
You will hear on 1st March 2018. This is a national date so it applies to all schools in England.
If you need any help with this process, please speak to us or Bournemouth Children's Information Service: 01202 456223.

How do I apply for my child's Secondary school place for September 2018?