Parent survey 2017

Parent Survey (March 2017)

Thank you to everyone who completed our annual parent questionnaire as your views are really important to us. We had 179 respondents which is really good as we appreciate the time given to completing the questionnaire. All the responses we receive are sent away to be analysed so that you can be as honest as you wish on the forms. We are really pleased to see that the responses are very positive with a few key areas for us to develop. You have said:

·         94% are satisfied with the school (compared to 89% nationally using the NFER questionnaire)

·         96% agree that the school provides a safe environment for my child (compared to 93% nationally using the  NFER questionnaire)

·         93% agree that my child is happy at school (compared to 91% nationally using the NFER questionnaire)


You have said that the areas of strength are:

·         The range of out-of-hours clubs and activities

·         The school senior leaders who do a good job

·         If I raised a concern I feel confident the school would respond well


You have said that you would like to see the following areas for potential development:

·         Children being encouraged to exercise more

·         The approach to sex and relationships education

·         The school’s pastoral care (although you have indicated that you are satisfied with this)


Our next steps:

·         We will ensure that the children are made aware of events that may be happening in the local area that involve exercise that they could take part in (e.g. park runs…..)

·         Raise the importance of taking exercise through some of the project work we do.

·         Ensure that the sex and relationships education is more widely known by parents in all year groups.

·         Offer copies of the sex and relationships policy in a greater variety of languages

·         Ensure that all parents are aware of our pastoral care system and how to access it.

·         Make better use of the parent newsletter and website  to share information