Preparing for September 2020. New Parent Questionnaire. Click on this link to complete.

Parent Questionnaire November 2019

We made the decision to send the parent questionnaire out again during October 2019 as we had received a very limited response during the summer term. Sending out the questionnaire in October saw a huge increase in the number of responses. 

Thank you to all 183 families who responded. You all said that you would recommend Malmesbury Park to other parents. 

You have identified several key strengths, including:

· Children are happy at school (97.2%)

· Children make good progress at Malmesbury Park (97.9%)

· Children are well looked after (97.1%)

· Children are well taught at Malmesbury Park (99%)

· You find the fortnightly newsletter helpful (97.3%)


You have identified several areas for us to work on and consider, including:

· Homework that is appropriate for their age (88.7%)

· The information you receive about your child’s progress is valuable (90.3%)

· Malmesbury Park deals effectively with bullying (90.1%)


Our next steps will be:

· To have an anti-bullying article in every newsletter going forward explaining what is happening and how we are improving this area. 

· Discuss and seek your views further on what information you would like to receive and especially when they first come into FS2 (Dragonflies, Ladybirds and Bees classes) (see finer detail on the questionnaire)

· Homework is an area under investigation and the senior leaders are currently discussing ways to improve this further, however, we will come and talk to you about this as well.


Parent Questionnaire – May 2019

Thank you to the parents who did respond to the recent parent questionnaire. This year we changed the way that we collected your views as we had hoped that this would make the process easier as it was electronic. However, we have seen a significant decline in the number of responses which means that we will review the process for next academic year as it is important that we seek your views.

We have received 25 responses (1 response = 4%):

1 My child   enjoys school 100%
2 The school   keeps my child safe 100%
3 My child is   making progress at this school 92%
4 The school   helps my child to have a healthy lifestyle 92%
5 The school   helps my child understand how to stay safe 100%
6 The school   informs me about my child’s progress 72%
7 The school   expects my child to work hard and do his or her best 92%
8 The school   sets appropriate home learning for my child 96%
9 The school   makes sure that my child is well prepared for the future 88%
10 There is a   good range of activities including trips or visits for my child to take part   in 80%
11 The school   treats my child fairly and with respect 96%
12 The school   meets my child’s particular needs 92%
13 The school   informs me about the types of support available for my child’s particular   needs 84%
14 The school   provides specialist support for my child’s particular needs 88%
15 Teaching is   good at this school 92%
16 The school   deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour 92%
17 The school   has appropriate procedures for dealing with complaints 92%
18 The school   takes account of my suggestions and concerns 84%
19 The school is   led and managed effectively 96%
20 I am proud of   how the school is perceived by the local community 92%
21 The school is   well equipped 84%
22 Overall, I am   happy with my child’s experience at this school 96%

We asked you ‘what do you think we do really well at school?’ You said:

“Make the day varied and interesting. Expect excellent behaviour.”

“The school has a very good leadership team and all staff ensure that all the children are reaching their full potential.”

“Open afternoons and parents being able to participate in lessons.”

“Embedding the ethos values and a sense of mutual respect among the children.”

“School shows”

“Communication is also good with information on website, newsletters, text messages.”

We asked you ‘what do you think we need to improve on?’ You said:

“Giving parents more notice when outcomes are expected and opportunities to engage in lessons. Two weeks is not enough and it should be in the newsletter.” – We agree with you and will ensure that all parent outcomes are put on the fortnightly newsletter.

“Finding imaginative ways to reach out to those parents who do not find it easy to engage with the school.” – We want to find different ways of reaching all parents and will be focusing on this as a local governing body during 2019-2020.

“More money needs to be spend on basic such as computers or laptops, tablets, new carpets to create clean and pleasant place, new playground for KS2 children, games and activities for playtime, new trays for hot school lunches, teacher assistants, more maths additional help, bigger choice of after school clubs and school choir.” – We are currently investigating funding streams to help us purchase new computers and laptops. The Ht Children and prefects are currently working with FOMPPS (Friends of Malmesbury Park) to improve the playground for all children. We no longer use the trays for hot school lunches. We are always looking at the best way to spend our funds from the DfE to ensure we have the right number of staff for our school. We will look at the variety of clubs to try to get a better balance as we go into the new academic year.

“We have a general understanding of what children do in school but will be really good to see the progress each child has made and what the area for improvement is.” – We are aware this is an area we really need to work on as shown by the results in the table above and we have made this a priority for the immediate future.

We asked you if you had any other comments you would like to make about the school. You said:

“MPPS is a lovely school, it thrives to give children the best learning opportunities.”

“Survey design not good – it assumes all children have needs”

“My daughter has come on leaps and bounds in her time here and I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful school.”

“I feel the school would benefit from more male teachers.”

“The office reception staff are very attentive and knowledgeable. The updates received by text and on the teacherstoparents app are great. School tour was fantastic and made me confident to select Malmesbury Park as first choice. Library bus is a very positive step and a great idea.”

We would very much like to thank everyone who did respond and be assured we will do everything we can to address the areas you have identified.


Reading Parent Questionnaire – March 2018

During the recent open afternoons for parents senior staff came around to invite parents to complete an online questionnaire about reading. Reading is a key foci for the school and we want to know your views.

78 parents completed the questionnaire and they said the strengths were:

  • 97% of children enjoy reading
  • 99% of children read at home
  • 89% of children read to themselves at home
  • 88% of children read to someone at home

The areas for development were:

  • Children need to bring their reading book/s home from school regularly
  • Letting parents know which reading books are available to their child in school
  • Informing parents of the progress that children are making in their reading

Our next steps will be:

  • Review the format of the reading diaries that children bring home each day – this will be done by September 2018
  • Ensure that at each parents’ evening information is shared about the progress in reading.
  • Sharing reading age data with parents.


Settling in Survey (January 2018)

The views of parents are really important to us as a school as we seek to continually improve and develop. We recently asked parents of children in YR to complete a settling in survey – you can see the report in full. 


Parents said that the strengths are:

·       Children have settled into school well

·       That you know who to talk to if you are worried about your children

·       That your children feel happy in school and are not worried about school

·       That your children have made friends in school.


You have said you would like to see the following areas for future development:

·        You would like to see more after school clubs for children in YR

·        That sometimes children can be reluctant to come into school

·        That the communication between home and school needs to improve.


Our next steps will be:

·         Review club provision (both during lunchtimes and after school) for all children including YR. Make information available to parents and children so that everyone is clear what clubs are on offer for a specific term. 

·         Review the use of communication with new parents especially those who join during the school year.