Queen's Park Neighbourhood Forum Launch 28th June 2018

LEAPs visit to Pizza Express Bournemouth May 2018 (see bottom of class page for details and photos)

The Malmesbury Mutterings

LEAPs visit to Mudeford Lifeboat Station April 2018  (see bottom of class page for text and attached photos)

Open Afternoons - March 2018.

It was lovely to see so many parents at our recent Open Afternoons held during March 2018. This is an opportunity for parents to come into school and join in with the learning. Parents said the following:

“The lesson was really clear, fun and interactive.”

“Coming into the lesson has given me a clear idea about the learning and how I can help my child at home.”

“The children are very engaged and enthusiastic in the lessons.”

“The children worked well together and enjoyed all the practical work.”

“I noticed that the teachers really challenge the children by asking “what do you mean by…” or “what do you think will happen if…”

“The children are really enthusiastic and showed this by answering questions and taking part fully in the tasks provided by the teacher.”

“I had no idea what the children do in the afternoon – this opportunity has let me know and I think they have amazing tasks to do. Well done everyone.”

“It was lovely to watch them play so well together on the playground.”

“The teachers work so hard and do an excellent job with the children.”

“It was great to see what they do in a PE lesson.”

“I really liked how the children communicated with each other when doing their tasks.”


Year 6 Residential at Shrewsbury 2018


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