Academy Information

Most primary schools in Bournemouth have converted from 'maintained school' to 'academy' status. This is part of a much broader national agenda which is now well established. The expectation is that groups of schools work together, normally in Multi-Academy Trusts (also referred to as MATs).

Malmesbury Park has worked collaboratively with a number of other schools for several years. In autumn 2015, Malmesbury Park and Hill View Primary School converted to academy status. At the same time, the working relationship between the two schools was formalised by establishing a MAT, known as Bournemouth Primary Multi-Academy Trust (or BPMAT).

So what does this mean for parents and children? The answer is: you should not notice any difference on a day-to-day basis. The school's name and uniform will remain the same. More importantly, the school's ethos and character will remain the same. The main difference is that the two schools will be able to support one another, learn from each other's strengths and undertake joint projects for school improvement. They will also have access to training, resources and funding opportunities via membership of the Ringwood Teaching Alliance.

In the future we may recruit a further school to join our MAT as this would provide us with even more flexibility and resources to undertake school improvement projects.

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