Thursdays 3.15pm - 4.30pm
Years 3 ,4 ,5 & 6
Netball Club
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Another Win!!!
On Wednesday 21st of January MPPS took on The Park School. In the first quarter The Park were amazing and scored 1 goal. MPPS came back fighting as a team and by half time it was 2 all. Miss Allen told us to pick our game. The third quarter ended with a 3-3 draw. Mpps were feeling anxious and eager to win. In the final quarter, the attack was excellent allowing Rachel to score her first ever match goal meaning MPPS won! The whistle blew and it was 4-3 to MPPS. Congratulations everyone, they are now in the finals for our league!

Previous Matches
Malmesbury Park played Epiphany and won 7-0! We are very proud of all of their hard work and excellent sportsmanship in the match. Please read below a statement written by Yasmin in the netball team about the game.

On Wednesday 10th December the Malmesbury Park's netball team played Epiphany. Malmesbury Park scored the first goal by Jess (6CA). But they didn't stop there; in the 2/4 Malmesbury Park scored 1 more goal by Subhan (6JS). In the 3/4 they ended up scoring 3 more goals by Yasmin (6JS). Also in this quarter, they played extremely well and used everyone on their team and pushed their selves even harder. During the last quarter Subhan finished it off with 2 more goals. Overall, Malmesbury Park played extremely well and won 7-0. They made Malmesbury Park proud. Epihany played really well as they didn't give up either. The netball team would like to thank Miss Allen in Year 6, Miss Roberts in Year 2 and all the members of staff that came and supported them as they played.
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Netball Club will take place on Thursday on the playground from 3.30-4.30pm. It is run by Miss Allen (Year 6) and Miss Roberts (Year 2) and is currently for Year 6 boys and girls.

At Netball Club, the children have the chance to work on their team work and the different skills needed for High 5 Netball. We have entered the local league of schools and are looking forward to competing against other teams. If you are interested in coming to Netball Club, please speak to Miss Allen (Year 6).

Year group: 5 and 6
Start date: 16/10/14
Day: Thursday
Time: 3.30 – 4.30pm
Cost: Free
Led by: Miss Allen and Miss Roberts

Key Dates:
16.10.14 – First session of the year
11.12.14 – Last session before Christmas
20.11.14 – No Netball Club