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Drama - Ayrton, Natalia and Faith

Malmesbury Park News - Harriet and Lauren

MPPS Interviewers - Taya and Grace

Quiz - Nidhi and Georgina

Rap - Melisa and Beshani

Space Rap MPPS Podcast

Golden Gates and Earthquakes

Drama - Millie, Nidhi and Georgina

Earthquake Interview - Harriet and Lauren

Interviews - Millie and Natalia

Quiz - Taya and Grace

Rap - Beshani and Faith

Summer and Prize Writer

Drama - Beshani, Millie and Melissa

Daisy Prize Winner

Quiz - Harriet and Lauren

Malali Prize Writer Winner

MPPS News News - Natalia and Georgina

Sofia Prize Writer Winner

Fast Riddles - Taya and Grace

Taegan Prize Writer Winner