At Malmesbury Park Primary School we aim to develop excellence in mathematics. We achieve this through a well-planned and delivered curriculum. The teaching and learning of mathematics at Malmesbury Park Primary School is creative, practical and engaging so that children not only develop broad and transferable mathematical skills, but also a love of the subject. The children are given numerous opportunities to apply their skills in real life and challenging situations as both part of the mathematics and Integrated Curriculum.
Click below for the current maths overview for Malmesbury Park Primary School. This is currently subject to change as we transfer to the new curriculum.

Year 1 and 5 Overview

Year 2, 3 and 4 Overview

Year 6 maths overview


Maths Videos

We have produced these very useful homework help videos to support your children in their home learning.  Please watch these videos for reminders on the maths methods we teach at Malmesbury Park Primary School:

Column Addition Homework Help Video

Subtraction Homework Help Video

Multiplication Homework Help Video

Division Homework Help Video




Maths Booklets

Addition Booklet

Division Booklet

Multiplication Booklet

Subtraction Booklet

MyMaths for iPads and Tablets


Oxford Owl