Integrated Curriculum

All schools within the Bournemouth Primary MAT will follow the National Curriculum and adhere to its statutory requirements. This means that parents do not have any automatic right to withdraw their children from subjects other than religious education (RE) and some aspects of sex and relationship education (SRE). All schools incorporate the values of the MAT. The effectiveness of the MAT curriculum is the responsibility of the Local Governing Body and is regularly monitored and reviewed.

Our curriculum is organised with our core subjects taught in the morning and the foundation subjects, taught through the integrated curriculum, in the afternoons. In addition we teach Music, PE, MFL and RE as discreet subjects.

Integrated curriculum
We have taken the requirements of the national curriculum to design and develop our very own integrated projects. Across the year we ensure that the projects cover all the subjects. Each project has three main subjects that drive the learning as well as two application subjects, where previous learning is applied. Every project has two learning values. 'Thinking,' as a learning value, is in every project.
The rationale for each project gives a flavour of what is involved for each individual project. The culmination of the project is the 'outcome, ' providing the specific purpose for the project.

Project overview and programmes of study
The project overviews and programmes of study provide the dates, key texts, and programmes of study for each project for each year group across the whole year.

Curriculum Map Autumn Term 2017-2018

Curriculum Map Spring Term 2017-2018

Curriculum Map Summer Term 2017-2018