Pupil Voice - Pupil Attitudinal Survey

KS1 Survey

KS2 Survey

All the children within the school were asked to give their views and this is what they said:

We do the following really well:

That the teachers like you to do your best and you know how you should work and behave in school
You think you learn a lot in lessons.
You are given chances to help in class.
At school there is always an adult to help you.
You feel safe in lessons.
The school teaches you to behave safely.

You also said we need to improve the following:

Need to ensure that all children in your class behave well
We do have the Ladders of Consequence and we have made sure that children go into the Hub at break and lunchtimes if they do not chose to make the right choices.
When Mrs. Green and Miss Smith walk around school and go into classes they notice children who are not making the right choices and speak to them.

That you want to be given more chances to help in and outside of school.
We have introduced some key responsibilities within the school e.g. Prefects.
There are a great many jobs which you can apply for e.g. Peer Mediator, Classroom support…
We are trying to get more involved in our local community e.g. The Refresh Group, helping with the Subway and going to visit the local care homes.

You want to give your views about the school and that we take notice of what you say.
You have a School Council and we encourage you to let us know what you think.
We take seriously the responses to the questionnaire and will be looking to improve this area over this school year.
You can ask to see any member of the Strategic Leadership Team
You said that the house points were not working so we asked pupils to think up the new system and implement it.

Improve the behaviour in school.
We now have an internal tracking system within school so that Mrs. Green and Miss Smith know when children are not behaving.
We have introduced worry box on line so that you can tell us when things happen that you are not happen with.
We do an assembly at the beginning of each half term so that everyone knows what is expected.
We do sometimes have to exclude when someone makes a wrong choice.