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Getting ready for Nursery
Starting Nursery is a big step for your child. We want all children to be happy and enjoy coming. You can help your child to be ready to start nursery by
* Giving them some practice at being away from you, and being left in someone else’s care.
* Encouraging your child to ask for an adult for help when they need it.
* Encouraging them to try putting their coats on and taking them off by themselves
* Helping your child to be confident to manage their toilet needs as independently as possible.
* Talking positively about the activities they will do and the new friends they will make.

Sessions at our Nursery at Malmesbury Park run from 8.45am – 11.45am and 12.15pm – 3.15pm. Children are able to stay for lunch, bringing either a packed lunch or buying a hot school meal.
The pattern of the morning and afternoon sessions is very similar. Morning sessions are in red and afternoon sessions in black.
8.45/ 12.15pm
Children choose from a range of activities provided for them, developing skills across the
curriculum. Staff follow children’s interests and support them to learn to share and to talk
about what they are doing.

9.40am/ 1.15pm approx
Children tidy the toys and go to a small group activity with their key worker. They may be involved in a number activity, listen to a story, talk about the days of the week and seasonal changes and learn how to take turns when they are talking about personal news.

9.50am/ 1.35pm approx.
Children sit at tables and are encouraged to have a drink and a fruit snack.

10.05am/ 1.50pm approx.
The outside play space is available – if children have suitable clothing we go outside in all weathers. Children can choose to play outside or inside. There is a variety of small climbing and balancing apparatus, space to run and balls and hoops to kick and roll. Children have access to role-play equipment both inside and outside.

11.15am/ 2.45pm approx.
Children come in for a group time. There will be a phonic activity and some singing or a story before the home time routine.

Information for FS1 (Caterpillars) Parents/Carers - Spring Term 2020

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