Malmesbury Park are so pleased with the increasing number of children taking part in after school sports clubs and competitions with other schools. They are excellent sports people and have been trying so hard in our matches and training sessions. Recently, our netball team have had a phenominal win of 7-0!

On Wednesday 10th December, 6 members of the Year 6 Netball Club played a match against The Epiphany Primary School. The children have all been training hard and were really excited for the match.

Both teams played excellently and displayed positive attitudes. The Malmesbury Park team worked collaboratively and supported each other throughout the match. Malmesbury Park scored the first goal and when the final whistle was blown the score was 7-0 to Malmesbury Park Primary School.
Well done to all those children involved for representing the school in such a positive way. Keep up the great work!

On June 19th, 10 Year 2 children were invited to take part in a Multi Skills Festival at Jewell Academy. Here the children were given the opportunity to take part in a variety of different skills and compete with their friends and other local schools. We had a great day with many parents coming along to support their children and at the end it was decided that everyone was a winner due to their fantastic sportsmanship and hard work.

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Another Win!!!
On Wednesday 21st of January MPPS took on The Park School. In the first quarter The Park were amazing and scored 1 goal. MPPS came back fighting as a team and by half time it was 2 all. Miss Allen told us to pick our game. The third quarter ended with a 3-3 draw. Mpps were feeling anxious and eager to win. In the final quarter, the attack was excellent allowing Rachel to score her first ever match goal meaning MPPS won! The whistle blew and it was 4-3 to MPPS. Congratulations everyone, they are now in the finals for our league!